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"THINK ABOUT IT! We share the same vision of promoting your works... services and products, within this perfectly weaved platform, worldwide.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities."


The idea behind creating Africandotworld™ was simple: We realised that we had no online home for our own creators, where we could showcase Africa in all its glory, and the exceptional people that are building and inspiring a generation. So, we bought the domain name AFRICAN.WORLD, then trained ourselves to code, develop and publish websites, just so we could get things to where they are now, at the least.

Driven merely by a passion and dedication, we have achieved something that now speaks for itself. Please do make use of this website simply by sending us your latest works, or your favourite and inspiring works by Africans, or for Africans, along with the country they represent... and we shall use any of our suitable platforms to showcase your (or their) work for the world to experience and enjoy.

 We have created a section where opportunities can be offered, worldwide, to Africa... a small step towards something great. Please join us on this journey of driving ideas forward.

Music is at the heart of all African cultures. Making our sounds and rhythms accessible by the worldwide community, in one place, would be a step in the right direction. Artists and record lables who share this vision are hereby invited to get in touch and hear our ideas, along with business opportunities we can offer to elevate our own. Access to our arts is vital for the progress of ideologies and theories. We now have the platform to.

We would also love to offer travel deals to our visitors in form of flights, travel advise and suggestions too. To make this happen, we would love to partner with travel businesses that can offer experiences and comforts at great deals. IMAGINE THE AUDIENCE your business might reach through this partnership. In return, we are offering your business a link on every page of your choice. This offer is revised every month unless no new offers have been put forward from competitors

Email us from any country's page on which you wish to be featured, with a video link (or images), and a brief description about the campaign, or the event, and we shall edit this information (where needed) for a purposeful feature.


Please do let us know if you are unhappy about anything featured on this site by emailing us here, or directly at Even if you feel that we may have made a mis-represantation on any of our country pages.


Please note: You are responsible for checking that the information you have sent to us is correct, everytime, and that this information has been requested to feature on the correct page (where it says country on the get listed form). Once a payment has been made for a feature request, any errors noticed afterwards might result in this feature being delayed, or at worst case scenario, cancelled... and the payment might be deemed non-refundable at times; due apologies where this becomes the case.*

Requesting your own email address is free, and it is as little as £1.50* to have your own


Thank you for your support

*This information is periodically updated, with and without notice.

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